Does Art Imitate Life?

As I’ve previously shared, the story for my first complete manuscript (Discovering Our Story) came to me in a dream. My hero and heroine and the underlying premise for the story came from the deep recesses of my mind. That said, I made a great many decisions to shape my characters and their backstories. The vast majority of these decisions were not based on any details or any persons from my life. Except… Continue reading “Does Art Imitate Life?”

Discovering Our Story – Chapter 1

For those of you just tuning in, I’d be honored to share my writing with you. Keep reading to sample the first chapter of my contemporary romance novel titled Discovering Our Story. Feel free to share your critiques and comments with me.


Matthew’s eyes blinked open as the slightest glimmer of light crept into the morning sky. He rolled onto his back almost upon cue as he heard the rooster begin to crow. He brought his pillow to his face for a moment, wishing he could block out the noise, but realized it was futile. Their rooster would disrupt the sleep of everyone in the house sooner or later. Continue reading “Discovering Our Story – Chapter 1”