Did I write that?

It’s been many months since I finished writing my second story, On the Line. When I was done, I let it settle so that I could shift my focus to editing and resubmitting Discovering Our Story. Now that I’m shifting back to this story, it is like I am reading it again for the first time. I love when I get to a bit of dialogue or character description and I think – Ooh, that’s good!

When that happens, it’s invigorating. It helps propel me forward. Don’t get me wrong, I also come across plenty of sections where what I’d previously written makes no sense or needs developed more – but that is what the editing process is all about. But it is the times when I read something that makes me fall in love with my characters all over again that I love the best.

I also find that when I am editing, I’ll get to a passage that needs a little something more; more detail, more emotion, what have you. Then as I continue reading, I’ll find that I had in fact already added that particular detail four sentences later. I often think to myself – great minds think alike! After which point I need to decide which way I like it better and make any necessary changes. But I love finding the consistency in my characters like this.

There are plenty of times in life when we think of a great idea and we later realize our idea wasn’t so novel or great after all as many have already come up with something similar. Yet stumbling upon your own great idea is a real treat!

Can you relate? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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