Writing the “romance” in a romance novel…

Intimacy is abound in a story of two young adults falling in love, as it should be! I love writing about the stolen glances and the casual brush of the hand that is anything but casual so early on in a relationship. I love exploring the building tension that leads to the ubiquitous first kiss. I could write that all day. But falling in love typically also means falling into bed together – at some point anyway. Continue reading “Writing the “romance” in a romance novel…”

What’s my perfect romance novel?

Over the past few years, since I fell onto my romance writing path I’ve read MANY, MANY, MANY romance novels. I tried to guess a number, but I can’t even begin to calculate how many. I’ve read (and listened to) the greats: Nora Roberts, Robyn Carr, Susan Mallery and popular writers like Kristen Higgins, Brenda Novak, Jill Shalvis as well as much newer, up-and-coming writers – too many to name.

I don’t have a favorite writer. I don’t have a favorite book. But throughout all of my “market research,” I’ve found what I love about a story and what elements I can do without. Continue reading “What’s my perfect romance novel?”