NaNoWriMo update

Good news, I’ve been writing away like crazy. I’ve written 16,500 words in 7 days!! Only 33,500 to go. If I don’t stumble into a major writing block, I think I’ll get there.

Let me share my favorite passage I’ve written so far. Please excuse that it isn’t perfectly polished. When you are writing like a mad person, editing has to come later. 

The only thing that brought him back then and even now was Emma. He’d have done anything to spend more time with her. Today, he’d move heaven and earth to be able to spend just one more day with her.

Sadly that would never happen. Damn, he still missed her.

She’d lost her long battle to cancer nearly three years ago. Sometimes he’d swear he could hear her laugh or her sing-song voice. He’d see someone from a distance and, for a gut-wrenching moment, think it was her.

He believed a man only got one love like that. Anything more would be simply unreasonable and cosmically unfair somehow.

They’d known each other all their lives. She lived just up the street and they rode the bus to school together every day. When she got sick when they were both thirteen it turned the whole town upside-down and inside out. But treatment for Leukemia was long and hard. Most people didn’t have the stamina to stand by Emma and her family the way he did.

For more than two years, he’d stuck. He’d stayed. And again when she relapsed during their Junior year in high school. And then for the three glorious years when she was well. He stuck until the very end; her last breath.

He really didn’t even know at what point he’d figured out that he loved her. He only knew that his love for her was so complete it was as though she’d simply always been a part of him. Like physically, he carried their love in his body – in his healthy body, because hers was so broken and weak.

What do you think? Have I peaked your interest?

3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo update

  1. Kyle T.

    I love this passage so far. It makes me wonder about Emma’s thoughts on the relationship, too. The rhythm that builds beginning at “they’d known each other…” really keeps the reader. It sort of reminded me of a passage from Stephanie Danler’s ‘Sweetbitter’ in which her protagonist describes a first kiss with someone she’s adored from afar with the sentence: “When he kissed me I said oh my god into his mouth, but that, like everything else, was swallowed up.”

    I enjoy when writing can go beyond the cliche–especially with love–to make the reader empathize not only emotionally but physically as well. Like you did with “he carried their love in his body”.

    P.S. Congrats on the progress toward your word count goal! Onward!


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