NaNoWriMo – Progress Check-in

I’ve written every day! I’m well over half way! I’ve written 34,960 words! My goal isn’t only to get to 50,000. My goal is to finish the first draft. So we’ll see. If I’m going to challenge myself, I might as well go all in. 

Granted, my first draft will likely require a sledgehammer to edit it rather than a chisel, but that’s part of the journey.

The good news is that I really like my characters and I like the challenges they’ve been facing. My main plot points (including the ending) are more or less figured out in my head. Not sure exactly how I’ll get from point A to B, but that’s the way I write. Apparently, in the business, I’m considered a “Planster.”

Many writers are “Planners,” they have the whole thing planned, plotted, and outlined. Others are called “Pansters.” They write by the seat of their pants – letting the words flow and the story evolve one word at a time.

Turns out I’m a Planster, which is a blend of the two. I have a loose outline (in my head) of what is going to happen. But my characters help me get from point A to point B and often veer off course.

Most importantly I’m enjoying writing and find it quite stress relieving.

Thanks for all your virtual cheers!

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