Cozy Holidays to You and Yours

I’m signing off for a few weeks. I plan to spend time with family and enjoy a bit of adventure this holiday season. I wish you and yours a wonderful, cozy holiday season. With any luck, you’ll get some time for rest and rejuvenation as well.

Thanks again to the beta readers who’ve already reached out to me. If anyone is still interested and able, please let me know. Perchance you’ll find yourself with some downtime and nothing to read… if so, let me know.

Beta Readers Wanted

I am officially ready to share On the Line. I am looking for a handful of early readers willing to give me feedback about this story.

It is still in draft form, so be prepared, it’s had only one full edit. You are bound to find a few errors here and there. If you can overlook those (or gently point out any repeated errors) and mostly focus on the broader story, I’d be very happy to have you as a reader. Continue reading “Beta Readers Wanted”