Beta Readers Wanted

I am officially ready to share On the Line. I am looking for a handful of early readers willing to give me feedback about this story.

It is still in draft form, so be prepared, it’s had only one full edit. You are bound to find a few errors here and there. If you can overlook those (or gently point out any repeated errors) and mostly focus on the broader story, I’d be very happy to have you as a reader.

I am especially hoping for a few readers who are particular fans of the romance genre as this story fits squarely into that category. However, I’ll gladly take any feedback from lovers of books even if this isn’t your usual cup of tea.

I’ll forewarn you, there is some language and some reasonably mild mature content – it is a romance novel after all.

If interested, please email me using my personal email if you have it, or use the Contact page. I can share with you a Google Drive version of my story. You will be able to comment in the manuscript or collect share your thoughts at the end. If interested, I have a few specific inquiries/areas of feedback to consider if you feel so moved (but you are not required to comment on them of course).

Please consider my request as I would very much value your honest feedback to help me grow as a writer.


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