The Ubiquitous First Kiss

I love the first kiss between the hero and heroine in romance novels. They are precisely what keeps me coming back. Writing the first kiss scene is equally addicting.

A first kiss can take many forms. I love the slow build-up, see it coming kiss as well as the unexpected turn of events first kiss. The chemistry is killing me first kisses are also great. All are wonderful and writing the first kisses between my characters has been so fun that I just have to share a few with you. Continue reading “The Ubiquitous First Kiss”

Rare book review – My Absolute Darling

For Christmas, my family did a secret Santa book exchange. When sharing book ideas with one another, my only request was that I wanted to read something other than a romance. For over two years, I’ve read romance novels and only romance novels – call it market research. I’ve learned a great deal about a genre I hadn’t previously read extensively. I’ve enjoyed it, yet, I’ve sometimes longed to sink my teeth into a good literary novel. Which I recently did! Continue reading “Rare book review – My Absolute Darling”