A Writer’s Delight

When I started writing I didn’t have an end goal. I had a story that I needed to write. Once I was done, I had a story that I wanted others to read. The next stuff of trying to submit to agents and digital imprints was disheartening, to say the least.

Along the way, I’d gotten just enough validation that my story was pretty decent from people I trusted, including near strangers. I believed it was good, but I had no way to get it read.

Then much later, I stumbled blindly, then jumped right in (that’s how I roll) to Wattpad. The coolest most validating thing happened yesterday. A reader – from some far off distant land (or perhaps a neighbor – you never know) read my story ALL DAY. She binged on my story! Mine – Discovering Our Story! She commented and cheered me and my characters on all day. She read nearly the whole book in one day. On Wattpad, you can get these little push notifications on your phone, and let me tell you, my phone was blowing up all day. It was incredible!

It felt like I received all the validation I’ve craved all this time. I could hang up my writer’s pen and be done and happy. But… what it really makes me want to do is write more – to share more of my stories there.

Is it “instant” gratification? Yes. Is it fame and fortune? Not likely. But the traditional publishing route doesn’t offer a guarantee either.

People ask if I think if indie or self-publishing. My answer is a resounding no! I can’t imagine anything more lonely. The sheer amount of work and self-promotion is numbing with again the possibility of zero payoffs (financially or otherwise).

Maybe I’ll keep writing and Wattpadding for now. It brings me joy and feeds my hungry soul.

I’ll keep sharing my musings here now and again, and you can certainly find me at: https://www.wattpad.com/user/KayeAnders


3 thoughts on “A Writer’s Delight

  1. inkwell87

    Awesome. It is so good when someone can immerse themselves in the worlds you’ve created. I haven’t heard of Wattpad, will have to check it out.


    • K.Anders

      Oh, you really should! I was a total newbie just like two months ago. Now I’m hooked and having a blast. You can start by reading and getting a feel for it before you decide to share your story there or not. It’s a pretty welcoming and warm community in my experience. Be sure to look me up there if you wander over!

      Liked by 1 person

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