My First 100 Days on Wattpad

Today marks my 100-day anniversary on this incredible reading and writing platform that I can’t seem to stop gushing about. A fellow Wattpadder wrote about his first 100 days and inspired me to do the same.

As I’ve shared, I took a leap of faith and shared my beloved Discovering Our Story on Wattpad. I was discouraged that any pursuit of publishing had run dry. However, my love for my story and desire to share it with others endured.

In 100 days, my story has been rejuvenated. My confidence has been boosted and my love for writing kick-started again. In fact, I’m writing a whole new story, which has been motivated 100% by this amazing experience. I promise to post about my new story soon! I’m so in love with it.

In 100 days, (slightly less actually as I nervously drug my feet a bit while tentatively poking around, trying to understand the nuances of this new community) my story has reached 4,750 views. This does NOT mean that 4,750 people have viewed it. More like an estimated 30-45 amazing people have shown dedication to my sweet little story. That may not sound like many. But those 30-45 people have shown my story so much love. I couldn’t be more delighted!

Also to my happy surprise, my new spin-off story has loyally brought along many readers and fans as it has reached about 1,200 views in just over five weeks.

I don’t have much to benchmark against what I feel has been my “relative success.” There are many thriving and many languishing stories on the platform. Some of this may have to do with the quality of the writing, but I recognize there are many, many other factors at play.

But here comes a very important qualifier… this does not mean I am on the fast-track to stardom! I don’t have any illusions of that. It also does not mean that I sat back and lazily watched the votes, views, and comments roll in. I’ve been hustling!

There is a thriving writer’s culture alive and well on Wattpad. In my opinion (only my opinion and my experience), this culture survives on an ingrained yet implicit code of scratching one’s back and returning the reading love. But I’m not complaining. I’ve enjoyed reading many, many chapters and stories in these past 100 days. I’ve logged a ridiculous number of hours reading and commenting on other’s work as lovingly as they have read and commented on mine. This has been much to my family’s chagrin, unfortunately.  

AND – maybe most surprising of all, I’ve formed real and genuine relationships with other writers. I am especially thankful for this because I don’t find much joy in superficial acquaintances. I am happy to invest in people and have been rewarded with the same in return. I also tend to be more on the introverted side of life as I’ve gotten older more mature. Therefore, I’ve had to really push myself out of my comfort zone at times to lean in and strike up amazing conversations with writers from all over the world. I’ve loved this part of my experience as much as anything else.

Not only that, but this experience is, without a doubt, strengthening my writing. This new story is better than any other story I’ve written because I’ve listened, watched and learned from these comments and from the amazing writing and relationships with my new Wattpadding friends.

I can’t predict what the next 100 days might bring, but I’m willing to stay the course.

My Wattpad stories can be found here:

Discovering Our Story

It Takes One to Know One

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